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Therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Did you survive a traumatic event, and find that you don’t feel like your old self anymore? It’s not uncommon to live with fear, hypervigilance, irritability, and shame even when the trauma is past.
One of the key ingredients to effective trauma treatment is feeling safe in a trusting therapy relationship, where you can begin to heal at your own pace. I pay close attention to the therapy bond and I am specially trained in cognitive processing therapy (CPT), a first-line treatment for PTSD that helps you to re-process the ways that trauma has impacted your sense of safety, trust, self-esteem, power, and intimacy.
CPT has been shown to significantly reduce intrusive trauma memories and flashbacks so you can reclaim your life. I am also trained in psychodynamic therapy with a focus on supporting your sense of safety, power, and connection.
Online Therapy for PTSD
Therapy can be an important ingredient in your healing from trauma. I'm a clinical psychologist based in Manhattan and currently offering therapy via video sessions to patients located all throughout New York state. Online therapy is flexible and accessible. Sessions are held via a secure video chat so we can speak face to face while you are in a comfortable and private setting. 

If you're ready to try therapy for PTSD, book your free initial consultation

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