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Therapy for Grief
Have you lost a loved one? Are you struggling to move forward after the loss of a relationship or a job? Grief is a natural and important process. For most of us, it helps to have support along the way.
In therapy for grief we will gently understand and practice what psychologists call the “tasks" of mourning such as saying goodbye, maintaining a connection, and rebuilding a life after loss. We will notice points where you are feeling stuck and develop compassion for your grief journey.

If you're ready to try therapy for grief, book your free initial consultation

Online Therapy for Grief
Therapy can be a process of support and gentle guidance as you move through grief. I'm a clinical psychologist based in Manhattan and currently offering therapy via video sessions to patients located all throughout New York state. Online therapy is flexible and accessible. Sessions are held via a secure video chat so we can speak face to face while you are in a comfortable and private setting. 
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