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Therapy for ADHD
Do you have trouble managing your time, staying on task, and maintaining your focus? Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental condition that can make it difficult to manage all the pieces of your day.
Cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective treatment that can help you learn and practice new strategies for managing your time, tasks, and motivation. Instead of fighting your brain, we will discuss how to leverage your focus and create tailored systems that can help your daily life.
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Online Therapy for ADHD
Therapy can help you to make behavioral changes so you can better manage your ADHD and improve your functioning. I'm a clinical psychologist based in Manhattan and currently offering therapy via video sessions to patients located throughout New York and Delaware. Online therapy is flexible and accessible. Sessions are held via a secure video chat so we can speak face to face while you are in a comfortable and private setting. 
Group Therapy for ADHD

Thriving with ADHD: Skills & Support Group

This is a time-limited group providing evidence-based treatment to build core skills for adult ADHD. 

Topics include: 

  • Understanding Adult ADHD

  • Organization & Prioritization

  • Motivation & Task Initiation

  • Reducing Distraction

  • Impulse Control & Emotion Regulation

  • ADHD and Relationships 

  • Maintaining Sustainable Change


  • For adults 18+ with ADHD or executive functioning challenges who are ready to unlock their strengths, connect with others, and develop effective strategies in the new year! Open to individuals located in New York, California, or Delaware.

  • 60-minute sessions on Zoom

  • Next group cycle start date: Summer 2024

If you're ready to try therapy for ADHD, book your free initial consultation.

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