Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, Dr. Press will help you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and to move forward toward your goals. Utilizing an integration of cognitive-behavioral (CBT), client-centered, and emotion-focused approaches, you will learn to grow your emotional insight and implement new strategies in your life. Individual therapy sessions are typically 45 minutes once a week.

Group Therapy 

Group therapy is a powerful and rewarding space to make connections, be understood, and grow in new ways. Dr. Press leads skills groups and supportive groups on topics include coping with anxiety, resolving relationship difficulties, working through chronic pain, and building self-esteem. Group sessions are typically 60-90 minutes weekly. 

Process Groups

Dr. Press facilitates process groups for students training in the health professions, coworkers in demanding fields, and community members. Process groups are a unique way to encourage self-reflection, build group bonds, and deepen learning. Process groups are typically 60-90 minutes weekly.