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Misty Slopes

Psychological Services

Individual Therapy

Therapy is an opportunity for understanding, healing, and growth. Using evidence-based approaches, I will work together with you to address emotional patterns that have been keeping you stuck so you can live more fully in line with your values. I work largely from a cognitive-behavioral orientation and integrate psychodynamic and client-centered modalities so that therapy is tailored to your specific needs.
Sessions are targeted to your specific needs and goals, in a nonjudgmental space. Individual therapy sessions are typically 45 minutes once a week. Click the links below to read more about my approach to common focus areas.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a powerful way to make connections, be understood, and grow in new ways. I offer skills groups and supportive groups for people that focus on topics including anxiety disorders, healing from trauma, and improving relationships. Group sessions are typically 60-90 minutes weekly. 

** I am not currently accepting members for therapy groups.  

Process Groups

Unlike group therapy, which is a form of treatment for a particular emotional or psychological issue, process groups are ways of promoting self-awareness and dialogue. A process group might include people in the same community or of a shared identity. I offer process groups for students training in the health professions, coworkers in demanding fields, and community members. Process groups are a rich way to encourage self-reflection, build group bonds, and deepen learning.

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