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Process Groups

Are you a program leader looking to enhance your participants' learning experience? Are you looking to strengthen your team members' well-being and sense of community? I offer process groups for trainees and professionals in the health professions. I also lead groups in professional settings designed to facilitate employees' sense of connection and well-being at work. Groups can be focused on a particular identity, affiliation, or work experience. They can also take place following a significant event.  Process groups are a unique way to promote insights, build group bonds, and deepen learning. Process groups are typically 60-90 minutes weekly.
Support group
Online Process Groups
Process groups are helpful and enriching to many types of community. I'm a clinical psychologist based in Manhattan and currently offering process groups via video sessions to groups located all throughout New York state. Online process groups are flexible and accessible. Sessions are held via a secure video chat so group members can speak face to face while each in a comfortable and private setting. 

If you'd like to bring a process group to your program, book your free initial consultation

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